MNTplus grinding wheels

Improved cost-effectiveness in the production of medical tools through the use of MNTplus grinding wheels.

The manufacture of tools in the field of medical technology is confronted with several problems.

In medical technology, stainless, i.e. chromium-rich grades of steel are used, which gives rise to a number of difficulties during machining. The high toughness of stainless steels exposes tools to high mechanical abrasive loads. There is also a tendency to burr. Both of these characteristics have always posed a challenge for the various grinding tools.

The grinding wheel must be very resistant to deformation in order to efficiently process such a tough material. It must also have excellent and lasting cutting performance. This is the only way to limit, and in many cases even completely avoid burring.

MNTplus grinding wheels offer you a solution which meets both of these requirements.

Up to now, many of our customers have relied on metal-bond grinding wheels for flute grinding.

Using the new MNTplus technology enables the economic viability of the production process to be significantly improved on two levels.

Firstly, the customer can increase the feed rate by around 20%, without increasing burring on the workpiece.

Secondly, the outstanding durability of the MNTplus grinding wheel's profile makes it possible to increase the dressing interval by around 100%.

Operational data:

Machine: 5-Axis CNC  
Cooling: Grinding oil  
Workpiece: Drill Ø1.5 - 6 mm Material: 1.4111 / 1.4109
Grinding wheel: 1V145° Ø150 T6 B91 MNTplus

Operating parameters:

VS: 35 m/s
Feed rate: 120 – 150 mm/min
Dressing interval: after approximately 3,000 components